About Us

About The Royal Consultants

Founded in 2001 by Mr. Khuram Subhani, The Royal Consultants provides personalized, professional guidance services for students bound for school, college or graduate school, as well as for students with special educational needs. We serve our clients today from offices in United Kingdom as well as in Pakistan.

Drawn not only from academic circles but from a variety of professional backgrounds, our educational Counsellors focus on developing and building specific areas of expertise which they continuously share with the rest of the team. We all work together on each case to achieve the best results for each student.

We review every case on a regular basis as a group, providing each of our applicants with the evaluations and recommendations of our entire counselling team. Individually, we regularly visit schools, colleges and universities to stay current with their facilities and programs, and understand the types of students they are looking for and how their admissions committees make decisions on applicants.