Our Services

University & College

We at TRC provide career counseling services for university & college students and recent graduates. This is particularly exciting to us, as we have always valued mentoring our students beyond their formal education. Now a days the job market has become more competitive and, for some, can be a daunting challenge. We are here to help!


We have always encouraged our students to explore their interests and personal orientation to find fulfilling direction, but now we are taking our ability to support them to a higher level. We provide:

  • • Guidance in the choice of College/University according to student’s natural capabilities, talent and life style.
  • • Career action plans for internships and job experiences.
  • • Training for career development skills such as interviews, Resume strategies for a better job search.


We assist our students in their financial matters, about available scholarships and how they should manage the money matters during higher studies.


We help students in filling their application forms and prepare for mock interviews if required by applicant. Visa applications sent through The Royal Consultants in last few years had a success rate of 95%.


In case of application rejection, we do all efforts to get the visa for our students. Our experienced staff will file an appeal to local UK embassy to get the best possible results.We also have our partner solicitors based in UK, who can file the case from UK.


Pre-departure briefing is one of TRC outstanding additional services. We brief our students about the country law, culture, travelling and how to be safe and secure while studying overseas.

Airport Pickup

We arrange Airport pick up, minimizing the hassle and insecure situations for the students and also assure they meet the right person upon arrival.