Our Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure

“Management of many is the same as management of few. It is a matter of organization.”- Sun Tzu

The Royal Consultant has head office in Lahore (Pakistan) with its operating branch offices in different parts of the world like UK, Ukraine, Malaysia and Europe etc.TRC is currently striving hard to expand its area to different countries as well. TRC powerful management is constantly working to get hold on Europe market soon in the near future.

Drawn not only from academic circles but from a variety of professional backgrounds, our educational Counsellors focus on developing and building specific areas of expertise which they continuously share with the rest of the team. We all work together on each case to achieve the best results for each student.

The Royal Consultant has strong positions in each of our four home markets- Pakistan, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Ireland - and has organized the business to reflect this. The UK office is responsible for:

  • • Delivering, building strong relationships and growing our Partner Institution list.
  • • Identifying new markets other than UK and Malaysia.
  • • Improving relation between TRC head quarter and branch offices.
  • • Promotion, branding, advertising and communication.
  • • Network partner development.
  • • Marketing intelligence and strategies.
  • • Student counseling.
  • • Assistance in Programmes and Application.
  • • Assistance in Visa application and Immigration.
  • • Accommodation arrangement.
  • • Interact with partners regarding finance, Invoice, Marketing and other financial.